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The jury is selected by the organizing committee and is composed of:

- personalities from the business world;
- Representatives of research councils and organizations:

The jury nominates the winners for each category during the deliberations planned for this purpose. The names of the jury members are unveiled at the Gala de l'Excellence evening.

All members of the jury and the organizing committee are bound by the strictest confidentiality regarding the identity and information of the candidates and laureates as well as the jury's deliberations.

  1. Daniel Bouthiller, directeur général, Regroupement en soins de santé personnalisés au Québec 

  2. Lolita Guerera, vice-présidente science de la vie, RBC

  3. Steeve Asselin , conseiller PARI/CNRC, Medtech

  4. André Lapointe, directeur de la recherche, Centre de recherche informatique de Montréal

  5. Pierre Bourassa, conseiller, sciences de la vie, CEIM

  6. Luc Vachon, consultant en sciences de la vie

  7. Jean-Francois Denault, consultant, analyse de marché, sciences de la vie, Impact inc.

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